Tonino Lamborghini Black Coffee Beans 2-pack

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  • For experts of the true Italian espresso, Tonino Lamborghini is the coffee of choice. Tonino Lamborghini’s passion for the very best comes together with the secrets of many years of experience in an original and unique transformation. Their coffee combines the excellence of the old with the purity of the new: the Italian tradition of roasting with modern processing technology to offer a gourmet coffee suitable for the most demanding palates. Nothing less than the highest quality, Italian style, is accepted. Tonino Lamborghini rigidly controls the entire production cycle and final approval is by experienced operators. The careful selection of the beans, the roasting process, blending and packaging all take place in controlled environments that are subject to strict procedures designed to guarantee quality all the way to the cup. This is why Tonino Lamborghini espresso has its unmistakable taste: creamy, persistent, evocative, the authentic taste of Italia.

    • 2 pack of 1 kg (2.2 lb.) bean coffee
    • Composed by Alta Mogiana Arabica (60%) and high quality Robusta (40%)
    • Amazingly easy to work
    • Extremely consistent cup result
    • The blend is a full-bodied blend, with a barely perceived acidity
    • Taste has hints of toasted bread while in the aftertaste there are perceptions of bitter cocoa and spices
    • Blend of beans, very elegant, all mat black with their distinctive silhouette in shiny black

Customer review

Good Coffee with rich aroma highly recommend , perfect test.

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